Yeshua Or Haolam

Yeshua Or Haolam
ישוע אור העולם

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Rav Ytschak kaduri Z''L, one who found Yeshua

for sure Rabbi kaduri had known the real Mashiach name, and for sure it was revealed on that note he gave to his talmidim (disciples), they are more close to him than his family and it is proven for whosoever disbelieve, by the source, the Rabbi kaduri passed away, however he have a website which you can know for sure it is his note:

(does not matter if someone come and say that it is not his caligraphy, for Rav Kaduri's disciples know it much better than anyone, and they confirm it is his authentic letter in the hand written note.)

YESHUA= YEHOSHUA - is the same name, even if is translated differently, but has the same meaning: G-D SAVES!

BUT THE GREATEST PROOF IS THE TANA''CH,(Torah Nevi'im U'Ktuvim) which gives testemony of the REAL MASHIACH WHICH IS YESHUA, the only one who fulfilled all Torah and Prophecies concerning MASHIACH

don't fool yourself, check the sources and do not trust in anything not rooted and funded in the Torah Nevi'im U'Ktuvim (TANACH), some examples: the time for Mashiach to come passed already, and Hashem for sure commit no mistakes, according to the Prophets in the Jewish Bible you can see that Mashiach had to come BEFORE THE DESTRUCTION OF THE SECOND TEMPLE (Beit Hamikdash) -> it is clear in Daniel chap.9

the whole life of Yeshua as the Suffering Servant is found in the 53rd chap. of Yeshayahu (Isaiah), ALL RISHONIM AGREE WITH THAT, they interpret it as talking about the MASHIACH, as the MASHIACH BEN YOSSEF, the Sufering Servant.

check also in the Talmud: Talmud - Mas. Sukkah 52a:

- But when he will see that the Messiah the son of Joseph is slain, he will say to Him,

‘Lord of the Universe, I ask of Thee only the gift of life’.’As to life’, He would answer him, ‘Your

father David has already prophesied this concerning you’, as it is said, He asked life of thee, thou

gavest it him, [even length of days for ever and ever]


the list goes on and on, it is nothing new the concept of ISRAEL relating to G-d through a INTERMEDIARY, such as MOSHE RABEINU, the COHANIM and the PROPHETS, the MASHIACH is the ULTIMATE AND GREATEST INTERMEDIARY, today no one is intermediary but the Mashiach, and that is why we do not have the TEMPLE!

yes, it is going to be rebuilt, but see how on the TANACH and you will know that it will be done by the ANTI MASHIACH, son of belial (satan) who is going to fool Israel and the goyim for 7 years, in the middle he will reveal himself by atemtping to be G-d and every one will know he is false and the Jews will then reject him, for he is the leader of GOG UMAGOG who will then gather all nations against Israel and Jerusalem, the final battle will happen on the Har Megidon (Meggido), known as Armagedon - but Hashem will not let Israel be destroyed, miraculously HE is going to fight for Israel, and then Mashiach Ben David who is Yeshua will appear in great glory in heavens and destroy the false messiah, which is the anti-christ with the breath of his holy mouth.

all of it is found in the many prophecies of the ACHARIT HAYAMIM (end of days)

beware! believe in Yeshua now and you will not be under the lies of the evil one, you will be granted eternal life and that is according to no man but G-d Himself, the Holy One Blessed Is He had promised in the Ktivei Hakodesh (Holy Scriptures).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One of the various Jewish sources of our Sages (CHAZA''L) on Mashiach, which NO ONE ELSE BUT YESHUA CAN FIT, THUS FULFILLING THE TANACH PROPHECIES

Talmud - Mas. Sukkah 52a

And the land shall mourn, every family apart; the family of the house of David apart, and their wives

apart.1 Is it not, they said, an a fortiori argument? If in the future2 when they will be engaged in

mourning and the Evil Inclination will have no power over them,3 the Torah4 nevertheless says, men

separately and women separately, how much more so now5 when they are engaged in rejoicing and

the Evil Inclination has sway over them.6

What is the cause of the mourning [mentioned in the last cited verse]?1 — R. Dosa and the Rabbis

differ on the point. One explained, The cause is the slaying of Messiah the son of Joseph,7 and the

other explained, The cause is the slaying of the Evil Inclination.

It is well according to him who explains that the cause is the slaying of Messiah the son of Joseph,

since that well agrees with the Scriptural verse, And they shall look upon me because they have

thrust him through, and they shall mourn for him as one mourneth for his only son;8 but according to

him who explains the cause to be the slaying of the Evil Inclination, is this [it may be objected] an

occasion for mourning? Is it not rather an occasion for rejoicing? Why then should they weep? —

[The explanation is] as R. Judah expounded: In the time to come9 the Holy One, blessed be He, will

bring the Evil Inclination and slay it in the presence of the righteous and the wicked. To the

righteous it will have the appearance of a towering hill, and to the wicked it will have the appearance

of a hair thread. Both the former and the latter will weep; the righteous will weep saying, ‘How were

we able to overcome such a towering hill!’ The wicked also will weep saying, ‘How is it that we

were unable to conquer this hair thread!’ And the Holy One, blessed be He, will also marvel together

with them, as it is said, Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, If it be marvellous in the eyes of the remnant of

this people in those days, it shall10 also be marvellous in My eyes.11

R. Assi stated, The Evil Inclination is at first like the thread of a spider, but ultimately12 becomes

like cart ropes, as it is said, Woe unto them that draw iniquity with cords of vanity, and sin as it were

with a cart-rope.13

Our Rabbis taught, The Holy One, blessed be He, will say to the Messiah, the son of David (May

he reveal himself speedily in our days!), ‘Ask of me anything, and I will give it to thee’, as it is said,

I will tell of the decree etc. this day have I begotten thee, ask of me and I will give the nations for thy

inheritance.14 But when he will see that the Messiah the son of Joseph is slain, he will say to Him,

‘Lord of the Universe, I ask of Thee only the gift of life’.’As to life’, He would answer him, ‘Your

father David has already prophesied this concerning you’, as it is said, He asked life of thee, thou

gavest it him, [even length of days for ever and ever].15

(1) Zech. XII, 12.

(2) The time alluded to in the text cited.

(3) So that levity is least to be expected.

(4) Sc. Scripture, in the statement ‘and their wives apart’.

(5) At the festivities of the Water-Drawing.

(6) And undue levity is most likely.

(7) The precursor of the Messiah ben David, the herald of the true Messianic age.

(8) Zech. XII, 10.

(9) The Messianic age.

(10) E.V., ‘Should it’.

(11) Zech. VIII, 6.

(12) If the man continues to yield to temptation.

(13) Isa. V, 18.

(14) Ps. II, 7 and 8.

(15) Ps. XXI, 5.





Seed of the woman

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Time of His birth

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Israel restored

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Earth filled with knowledge
of the glory of the Lord

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A holy priesthood

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Sold for thirty pieces of silver

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Money buys potter’s field

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Piercing of His body

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Shepherd smitten—
sheep scattered

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Preceded by Forerunner

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Our sins purged

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The light of the world

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The coming of Elijah

Mal 4:5-6

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Arieh Yehudah

Arieh Yehudah
Lion of Judah

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Even maassu habonim haytah leRosh Pinah

Even maassu habonim haytah leRosh Pinah
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